Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas for a Cause

Amanda had invited me to her Fund-raiser/Show and I promised I'd go even though it had snowed all day and they were considering cancelling it but decided to go through with it no matter how many people showed up.

Ramona called me to let me know that she had strep throat and wouldn't be able to go to the show with me. I HATE attending things by myself! You always need a companion to go with you to events or you end up looking lame and awkward.
I miserably called up a few friends trying to convince them to go, but everyone was busy.
It was snowing and my dad was working (and had the car) and my mom was having a pot luck party downstairs. So I would have to take a bus and walk to the Church where the show was being held.
I grabbed a jacket and scraped my hand on a cupboard (how does that happen) and start bleeding - so I grabbed a band-aid. On top of that I'm broke and I needed at least ten dollars for my ticket and all I could find in my sister's wallet was a twenty.
I left the house in a bad mood. There was so much snow all around. I had 4 blocks and 15 minutes to catch the bus. It took me 10 just to walk to the end of my street.
I walked quite awhile. As I was walking I was passing a lot of homeless people and I considered handing them the $20 and walking home. Was this show (and friendship) really worth it?
I caught the next bus after waiting for 20 minutes out in the cold as snow fell on me, by then my gloves and socks were already soaked.
I got off the bus and walked a few blocks to the wrong Church -luckily the right church was just down the street.
Frozen I stepped into the Church took off my gloves and said "hi" to a few people, but still I felt awkward because I wasn't really good friends with anyone there.
I took a seat in the front because I told Amanda that I was going to so I could stare at them awkwardly the whole time.

The show was AMAZING! SO GOOD! SO FUNNY! SO WORTH EVERY PENNY (even though it is for charity)!

After that of course I was happy again. All day I had been in a bad mood and this show totally changed that.
And lucky for me and ALL of you there are going to do it all again next Sunday!

WHEN: Sunday, Dec. 28th at 8:00PM
WHERE: Eagle Ridge United Church, Coquitlam (2813 Glen Dr.)
COST: By donation (Suggested amount: $10)
ALL money goes to Union Gospel Mission!


Amanda Assalone
Joel Ballard
Kim Bunka
Tyson Coady
Kayla Dunbar
Daniel Johnston

So please come out and support people our age who are making a difference in our very own community!


Christmas... CARDS!

It's that time of year when I get in a really REALLY good mood, so here are some cards I made and some cards I'm in love with.


Image is blurry...

For everyone else. As in those who have been naughty- I mean after I ran out of home-made ones. Only the best cards if they're not going to be handmade for MY friends (Gallison NEW YORK). I love the classic Rudolph!!! Lucky Beyonce...

My friend JUST gave me this card and I know it'll be the BEST Christmas card I ever receive because it has Candy Corn in it!!! Candy Corn is my passion!

Gosh I love Christmas!


Friday, November 14, 2008

madebyjosh *new*

So here are more of my ideas that I was able to put on paper!

First up is an idea I got while I was on the Vancouver Islands (Maine Island to be exact).

This one is a Christmas card for a friend (I'm not going to show you the inside because it gets kinda racy!)

Haha! This one is for another friend - we kinda think this one guy is annoying and weird so I made him into a card! No it's not Eliezer.

And finally my favourite!

I call it "LOUD & Obnoxious"

And that's it for now.
Stay tuned for "All That Glitters..."

- Josh

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Party of the Year!

So yesterday was my Birthday Party. Everything went way better than I expected!
My theme was Classic Birthday Party - As in way back when we played games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Musical Chairs. When girls wore their Sunday dresses and boys wore their suits. When cake, streamers and balloons only came in pink and blue.
The day was started with the Classic Birthday Party Games where teams competed to become Classic Party Games Champions. Then we had a festive cultural potluck. And then the biggest pinkest cake ever! It was definitely Josh's party!

The best part though is that all my friends went along with it and seemed to actually have a great time. I'm now at an age where I'm legally an adult everywhere, even though it's still like I'm 12. So I was on the verge of scrapping the whole "Classic Birthday" idea, but then everything that I was planning was working out way better than I though so it felt like I HAD to have this party.

I'm SO thankful FOR my friends and TO my friends for their presents and presence! I had a great time!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


My friend Amanda just gave me the BEST Birthday present ever - in video form!!
Check it out!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Okay so maybe I could feel some inspiration surging through my body - but really I just made a quick collage for my friends Birthday.

Fabulous Collage Card

Plus Ultra "fashionable" Fashion Envelope

Equals TRE CHIC Birthday Card!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


So it's about time I get down to another blog!

If you know me (at all) you know that I do background work for movies (no big deal...).

My agent (thanks Maya!!!!) called me up last week to know if I wanted to do a little shoot at the PNE for Cats and Dogs 2. The selling point being I was going be riding on rides all night long!!!
Of course I said yes. I slept in a little on Wednesday and prepared for a night of crazy ride time!

Turned out the best ride I was on the first two nights were my very own two feet. Apart from walking around the midway and being asked if we wanted to go on a ride there was no actually riding happening for us. I guess what they didn't tell us was that 2nd unit covers all the non-ride shots Main unit isn't getting. I was bummed out!!!

THEN on Friday I lucked out and got on Main unit. Thrilled I volunteered to go on the Beach Party ride at 11PM.
- For those of you who don't know Beach Party is a ride that rocks back and forth while spinning round and round.
As soon as I sat down and they locked the seat my claustrophobia kicked in. I kept telling myself to breath and that the pain of the seat pressing against my shoulders was normal. The ride started and I had fun - until it was over and I panicking politely asked if I could get off.

I walked back to holding (the location where background stay when they are not being used) feeling fine until I got to crafty (location where all the food is set up) and for some reason smelled syrup. The syrupy smell set of my nausea and I thought I was going to puke. I ended up lying in holding until the end of the night which was around 6 AM.
I still felt sick all day Saturday.

This is my life without a gallbladder,


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

High School Musical "Get in the Picture"!

So the series is over and there is a winner as picked by Kenny Ortega. At first I didn't like him, but now I realize that I didn't really care who one because I like them all the same - cheesy but true.

Congratulations to Stan Carrizosa!

Chorus members -

Anthony Acito
Bailey Purvis
Briana Vega
Christie Brooke
Christina Brown
Ether Saure
Isaiah Smith
James Wolpert
Shayna Goldstein
Tierney Chamberlain
Trijean (TJ) Wilkins

made by josh (lost my muse can I have yours?)

Here is my latest inspiration-less card straight out of the factory. Sorry Amanda!

Monday, September 1, 2008

More madebyjosh

Some more designs.

Padded card (made with fabric and stuffing)

Comic card (made with comics and then gone over with hodgepodge)

Finding Nemo card (made using the picture as inspiration for the jellyfish)


Here is another card I made for my friend after she directed "Alice in Wonderland".
(Notice matching card and envelope)

I call my cards "madebyjosh"

Birthday Card

So I made a card for my friends Birthday. She loves the Power Rangers so I made the card the Pink Rangers head and for the envelope I drew Megazord.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Get in the Picture

Why is Shayna flirting with Stan when she has a boyfriend?
Does Isaiah believe all blondes are dumb?
What does Anthony have against Shayna's destructive attitude?
Should Christie have described Isaiah as ghetto?

WHY is there so much drama on a kids Disney High School Musical competition show?
Honestly it seems that secretly no one really likes each other that much. Some of them didn't even really know High School Musical before they tried out or got picked. Why would fans want to see someone who doesn't really like or know High School Musical win a competition and be in the movie?
I don't know, but at least they got talent.

- Anthony Acito

Ether Saure -

Yes I do like the show,


Youtube: Re-visited

Finally! Amanda is back home and we get to make our best video to date! YAY!

Episode 4: We're Back!

I'm liking Youtube more and more everyday. You can basically find whatever you want on it! If I ever miss a show or something funny that happened on t.v. I can usually find it the day after on Youtube!
I'm making this sound so cheesy, but it's always there and you can totally depend on it!

On another subject - I need a job! I plan on getting hired at the one Disney Store in BC. I have no doubts (thanks Maya!) that I'm a perfect candidate for working for Disney since I'm at some point in my life/career I will be working at Disneyland (with Amanda) for however long I feel like. I have the two things Disney needs - 1. Love for Disney and 2. Pleasing people. That's really what Disney is ALL about, making people happy. I should know.

This is my working life.


Thursday, July 31, 2008


Check the HSM: Get in the Picture widget to the right!

My new favourite show leading up to my favourite movie series - High School Musical!

My two favourite singers are definitely James and Shayna.

- James Wolpert

Shayna Goldstein -

Watch the show SUNDAYS & MONDAYS 8/7C ON ABC

Obviously I dream of being in this!
Maybe one day this will be my life.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Addictions - eBay

I'm hooked.
So maybe to you what I buy may seem trivial and lame, but I'm 1. An obsessive shopper and 2. A collector (okay obsessive collector).

This is what I've boughten recently:
- Disney Paris Narnia Aslan pin
- Disney Paris Narnia Peter & Edmund pin
- Disney Paris Narnia Prince Caspian pin
- DisneyStore White Witch pin
- Disney Cruise Line Prince Caspian Opening Day pin (LE* 500)
- Disney Catalog White Witch pin (LE* 1000)
- Walt Disney World Narnia Susan pin (LE* 1500)
- Hidden Mickey Cast Crystal Ball Maleficent pin
- Narnia Prince Caspian Logo pin
- Hidden Mickey Cast Formal Minnie pin
- Walt Disney World Narnia Peter pin (LE* 1500)
- Walt Disney World Narnia Prince Caspian pin (LE* 3000)
- Walt Disney World Cast Narnia Prince Caspian Opening Day pin (LE* 750)
- Narnia Aslan Spinner pin
- Subway Disney Channel Games Trading Cards
- Narnia Prince Caspian Movie Promo Postcards
- Disney Channel Proud Family Trading Cards
- High School Musical: El Desafio CD (Argentina)
- High School Musical: La Seleccion - En Gira CD (Argentina)
- High School Musical: La Seleccion CD (Argentina)
- High School Musical 2 (Argentina)
- Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone "Silver" Foil Promo Trading Cards
- Pixar Treasures "Now You Know" DPT - 161 Trading Card
- Disney Treasures 3 "Winnie the Pooh" Card Set
- Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban Cedric Costume Card
- Pixar Treasures "The Incredibles" Full-Card Subset
- Pixar Treasures "Now You Know" DPT - 167 Trading Card
- Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets Box Top Card Set
- Disney Treasures 3 Card Set w/ Aladdin Trading Cards
- Disney Soda Fountain El Capitan Marquee Narnia Prince Caspian pin (LE* 300)
- Narnia Tumnus pin (LE* 1000)
- Disney Mickey Mouse MP3 Player
- Pixar Treasures "Now You Know" DPT - 163 Trading Card
- Pixar Treasures "Now You Know" DPT - 168
- Pixar Treasures "Pixar Outtakes" DPT - 154
- Disneyland Narnia Aslan Opening Day pin (LE* 1000)
- Disney Narnia Prince Caspian Movie Promo Shirt
- Hallmark Narnia Lucy Ornament
- SD Comic Con Narnia Promo Card
- Hallmark Disney Cinderella Glass Slipper Ornament
- Disneyland Treasure "Haunted Mansion" Card DL - 120
- 3 Narnia Christmas Gift Sets - Peter, Lucy and Susan
- Set of 5 New Zealand Narnia Stamps
- Disney Treasures Lot of 8 Reel Piece of History Cards
- Peter Pan Special Edition DVD

This was all bought in ONE month. Do I have a problem?

This is my shopping life.
(excluding what I bought on and in real life)

***UPDATE*** I've sworn of eBay.

* LE = Limited Edition

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


My friend and I have started a Youtube account because we really wanted to make videos. This is the link:

Hope you like it, basically we can't stop laughing while we make the videos though...


Monday, March 3, 2008


It is the end of the first day of flying. I'm helping out in a play (Peter Pan). I pull ropes to make people fly. My hands hurt, a lot. It's going to be a very long week. On the bright side my friends and I are making a documentary of the whole experience.

We went to Tim Hortons after we finished. I ordered a meal and the cashier kept asking me questions, but I couldn't understand anything he said. There was A LOT of awkward silence.

Also just to let everyone know, Blistex isn't for blisters.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Artsy with

So lately I've been feeling artsy and crafty. While browsing on I found a magnetic board, made with a antique looking frame. It was kinda expensive so I have decided to make one of my own for the new house! First I was wondering where I could get a antique looking frame, then I remembered I had this!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Boy/Girl Party

Saturday night I went to my friends Birthday Party.
She turned 15 which meant that all her "just started high school" friend's were there. Now not all of them were bad, but the drama of a teenage girl's life is ridiculous! First a bunch of the kids were flirting (which is really funny to watch) and then a girl started crying because a boy that she liked was talking to another girl.


I felt awkward being the oldest person there, but I fit right in because everyone thought I was only 17. Which is fine by me, but I felt responsible for everything. Good thing her parents were there. Also I found out that they considered me the "normal one". Is that not weird to hear? I thought people thought I was snobby and old, but no people would come up to me and introduce themselves.

Just when I thought I had figured myself out, everything changed.

This is my party life.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

High School

This song has been going through my head lately.

High School by Superchic[k] -

High school
Could be
A mini-me, of the rest of society
There's always
A prom queen
There'll always be, always be sororities
And sadly
Some will be
Eternally, keeping score of popularity
And just 'cause
They all do
Doesn't mean we have to act like we're in High School

High School is like a big competition
Beauty contests, prom court is the mission
There can only be one queen, one king
Everyone voting, everyone competing
But these are the rules, the way of High School
If someone puts you down
That's so High School
Someone talks behind your back
That's so High School
Thinking when you you have to get them back
That's also High School
I know I'll be graduating early


High School is like the state of the nation
Some people never change after graduation
Believing any light you shine makes their's lesser
They have to prove to everyone that their's is better
These are the rules, the ways of High School
If someone puts you down
That's so High School
Believing they're too cool for you
That's so High School
When you believe it too
That's also High School
I know I'll be graduating early


We've all got bad yearbook photos
Which we've forgot to let go
And just like acne our insecurity
Should be something we left with the JV
So here's to letting go of yearbook photos
Things we kept that hold us down so
That was yesterday, there's always tomorrow
WE are tomorrow, WE are tomorrow
I know I'll be graduating early

High school
Could be
A mini-me of the rest of society
There's always
A prom queen
There'll always be, always be celebrities
Some will be
Eternally keeping score of popularity
And just 'cause
They all do
Doesn't mean we have to act like we're in High School

I'm tired of everyone acting like we're still in High School.

Maturity Level of Marriage

How mature does a person need to marry?

If you know your "meant" to be with a certain person I guess there is no point in waiting for marriage, but doesn't maturity matter? Just because you've graduated doesn't mean your ready, especially if your still acting like your in High School.
Marriage should be more than a ring, an age difference, or a story to tell your friends. Marriage should be a step in maturity and a change for the better.
Are you ready to change?

You may think I'm jealous, but I know better.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vamlumtimes Day!

So this year I made my own Valentine cards inspired by Strongbad. He created Teen Girl Squad, and I love them. How am I going to top my cards next year? Also I want to make Softies out of the characters.
Click on Softies for a site of really good and undiscovered artists!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Youtube 2

So I subscribe to this guy on Youtube, superleroyvv, because he is an amazing singer! Anyways his latest song blew me away so here is the link:

So I had another part here about a Youtuber copying me. Was it really copying or did she just like the same things. Anyways I don't want to cyber bully anyone, so I'm sorry!

Monday, February 11, 2008

I Need a Jacket

These are some jackets I really really really want.

I'm into brands that aren't that popular as Old Navy or Target/Zellers type stuff. I don't want to be wearing something everyone else has. That's never intrigued me. I like what I like, whether it's in or out.

That's all right this instant.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Singing and such

This posting is just an update of what I've been doing and thinking about.

There is this girl I sometimes sing with in my church band. She's pretty cool, BUT I don't understand what her problem is. I try being friends with her because I have to sing with her, and she basically just ignores me most of the time when I'm not talking to her. Hello I'm trying to be nice because I'm standing RIGHT beside her and she just acts like we don't even have anything in common. It wouldn't normally bother me much, but I can't take snobs and that's what she's acting like.

I think we bought a house. My family that is. We move at the end of March. I'm getting use to the idea and don't feel so sick anymore.

Tonight I get to feed the homeless through a program we have at the church. It's pretty fun, I guess. I mean if it's okay to say that feeding people who are less unfortunate than me can be viewed as a good time, even though it is (fun I mean).

So right now I'm broke because I have a unhealthy problem/addiction called Ebay. Every now and then I go on Ebay, just browsing around. Then I find something I like and start bidding like crazy until I'm out of money. I think this has happened about 3 times so far. The 1st time was High School Musical. The 2nd was Disney pins. The 3rd and latest (which is why I'm broke now) is Harry Potter cards. I know this sounds super stupid and lame, but I really go crazy.

Lost was REALLY good last Thursday!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Moving out, and up?

So my family is moving. We might already have a house picked out. Is it selfish not to want to move because I'll be farther from my friends? I'll be even farther from a good transportation route, which means I won't be taking it. As little as I go out now, I'm pretty sure after the move I'll never want to go out. Is that really worth it? I think the only reason my family likes the house is because it's already made up nicely. We won't have to do any renovations or fix anything (like painting). I think that's just being lazy. I'd rather fix up a whole house than live farther away. I was 5 minutes late to church today. I guess that means I'll be MUCH later now.
My mother and sister always get really excited about new things, but as always, in a month they will be the first to complain and we'll have to move out again as soon as possible. Trust me, I know.
My life is way lame-o llama. I feel like vomiting.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


One of my passions is Youtube. I love going on and finding the real good singers and watching all the videos of the tubers I subscribe to. I also like videos of celeb singers singing live and sucking. It makes me feel better.
Anyways here is my new favourite video I just found. It's the singer of a band called Boyce Avenue. He's pretty good, BUT the medley of songs is even better (Jordin Sparks - Tattoo, Alicia Keys - No One, and Black Eyed Peas - Where is the Love).

Check it out:

You won't be dissapointed.

Public Transit

I see it this way:

There are two types of people in this world.
1. Transit goers
2. Transit snobs

I would categorize myself as a #2 that sometimes encounters #1. I'm thinking that I must look like new transit rider. I know this because everyone always looks at me when I get on the bus. It could be because I always ask the bus driver questions and then I take a seat as close to the front as possible without sitting in a seat that may require me to move to accommodate an elderly, handicapped or parent with baby stroller passenger.
I never know what I'm supposed to be doing as I ride. I try to look experienced and put on my "I don't have a car and I'm not happy" face you see everyone else wearing. I then look out the window, play with my cellphone or try to hear what other passengers are conversing about.
Then sometimes there's that one passenger that catches your attention and you feel the need to look at them. So you do and they catch you staring and you pretend your looking just beyond them.
And why is it so dirty on buses and trains? I mean I see the sign that says "It's your bus too, don't litter", yet everywhere you look there's garbage. Maybe regular transit goers don't mind wading through filth, but I do! Do they even clean the buses after? I mean are they scrubbing the seats with bleach? Are they actually ridding the bus of all the bacteria it encounters during the day?
Public transit. PUBLIC transit. Which means I'm surrounded by random people I don't know and like. I guess it's okay sometimes, but then you get the weird ones that make me so uncomfortable. All I do then is pray that they'll get off at the next stop or at least stay far away from me and not start talking to me.

I guess I'm so spoiled that I just can deal with not being chauffeured around by my parents. Ugh. This is my life.

The Start of Something New

So I'm Josh. This is my life.
If I could have one wish it really would be World Peace. I'm tired of fighting and bickering. Would people just get over themselves and look at the big picture. It's not about you. Nope, it's not about me.
But this blog is. So deal with it.