Monday, March 30, 2009

The Popular and The Hated

***I'm dedicating this blog post to a true life villain - Ann-Marie***

The Hated (thought I'd start with the best):
- Ann-Marie (The one everyone hates)
Bossy, controlling, rude, butt-slapper/sexual harasser.
Asked if she could run the kid parties and SO FAR has made kids cry and has had people cancel parties on her. So they stuck her in Burger King at the back.
Has knocked over a girl onto a metal cart and had a report written up about her.
*Rumour* (quoted) "They cancelled after they saw her face"

- Wesley (The power crazy nerd)
Don't know HOW he was made Team Leader, but he sucks up to the managers and treats us like imbeciles. Also his voice drills into your head and leaves you with a headache of mass proportion. If he would only stop talking...

- Travis (The crappy Team Leader)
Shows up late (at least an hour), "forgets" to give me a break, doesn't relieve me of my shift, and purposely tries to embarrass me after I accidentally make him drop his debit card.

- Matt (The SUPER SLOW Team Leader)
I've made lots of overtime hours working with him.

SLACKERS (The lazies that keep us working way past midnight)
- Jenny (aka: Stupid Jenny aka: Non-Asian Jenny)
- Rachel-Ray (Jenny's partner in crime)
- Nicky/Vicky (The drunk)
- Sergei (The minuscule bad-boy)
- Jamie (The pretty one that never stops talking)
- Katrina (Russian girl who tries to do as little as possible and complains the whole time)
*All of the above are also hypocrites and giant whiners*

The Popular

Farnaz (Manager material)
Is the best of everything in this life. The most responsible and mature person who works at Silvercity. She's sixteen.

Amy (The one that's nice to me)
She's SO good at her job. She likes me so we get along GREAT, but there is a lot who don't like her bossiness. Wait until I'm a Team Leader.

Tejas (The compulsive annoyer)
He is the most obnoxious person who works there (or maybe ever), yet people like him (I don't include myself in "people")

Josh (That's me)
Random people who I don't know start talking to me and asking questions ALL the time. And people like me a lot (which I think is weird considering I find myself to be too proper and bossy).


p.s. There are Christians at work! I've gone ahead and seeked them all out using my detective skills. You'd be surprised at how nosy I can be.

Monday, March 9, 2009

TOXIC - The Amanda and Josh Show

If you haven't seen our Toxic video then your crazy and need to click the link below!

Toxic - A music video interpretation by Amanda and Josh