Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas for a Cause

Amanda had invited me to her Fund-raiser/Show and I promised I'd go even though it had snowed all day and they were considering cancelling it but decided to go through with it no matter how many people showed up.

Ramona called me to let me know that she had strep throat and wouldn't be able to go to the show with me. I HATE attending things by myself! You always need a companion to go with you to events or you end up looking lame and awkward.
I miserably called up a few friends trying to convince them to go, but everyone was busy.
It was snowing and my dad was working (and had the car) and my mom was having a pot luck party downstairs. So I would have to take a bus and walk to the Church where the show was being held.
I grabbed a jacket and scraped my hand on a cupboard (how does that happen) and start bleeding - so I grabbed a band-aid. On top of that I'm broke and I needed at least ten dollars for my ticket and all I could find in my sister's wallet was a twenty.
I left the house in a bad mood. There was so much snow all around. I had 4 blocks and 15 minutes to catch the bus. It took me 10 just to walk to the end of my street.
I walked quite awhile. As I was walking I was passing a lot of homeless people and I considered handing them the $20 and walking home. Was this show (and friendship) really worth it?
I caught the next bus after waiting for 20 minutes out in the cold as snow fell on me, by then my gloves and socks were already soaked.
I got off the bus and walked a few blocks to the wrong Church -luckily the right church was just down the street.
Frozen I stepped into the Church took off my gloves and said "hi" to a few people, but still I felt awkward because I wasn't really good friends with anyone there.
I took a seat in the front because I told Amanda that I was going to so I could stare at them awkwardly the whole time.

The show was AMAZING! SO GOOD! SO FUNNY! SO WORTH EVERY PENNY (even though it is for charity)!

After that of course I was happy again. All day I had been in a bad mood and this show totally changed that.
And lucky for me and ALL of you there are going to do it all again next Sunday!

WHEN: Sunday, Dec. 28th at 8:00PM
WHERE: Eagle Ridge United Church, Coquitlam (2813 Glen Dr.)
COST: By donation (Suggested amount: $10)
ALL money goes to Union Gospel Mission!


Amanda Assalone
Joel Ballard
Kim Bunka
Tyson Coady
Kayla Dunbar
Daniel Johnston

So please come out and support people our age who are making a difference in our very own community!



Amanda A said...

All I can say is that you are amazing and you are also a great friend!! I am soooo thankful that you came, and I hope to see you there on the 28th!

bloggeranonymous said...
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