Friday, August 15, 2008

Get in the Picture

Why is Shayna flirting with Stan when she has a boyfriend?
Does Isaiah believe all blondes are dumb?
What does Anthony have against Shayna's destructive attitude?
Should Christie have described Isaiah as ghetto?

WHY is there so much drama on a kids Disney High School Musical competition show?
Honestly it seems that secretly no one really likes each other that much. Some of them didn't even really know High School Musical before they tried out or got picked. Why would fans want to see someone who doesn't really like or know High School Musical win a competition and be in the movie?
I don't know, but at least they got talent.

- Anthony Acito

Ether Saure -

Yes I do like the show,


Youtube: Re-visited

Finally! Amanda is back home and we get to make our best video to date! YAY!

Episode 4: We're Back!

I'm liking Youtube more and more everyday. You can basically find whatever you want on it! If I ever miss a show or something funny that happened on t.v. I can usually find it the day after on Youtube!
I'm making this sound so cheesy, but it's always there and you can totally depend on it!

On another subject - I need a job! I plan on getting hired at the one Disney Store in BC. I have no doubts (thanks Maya!) that I'm a perfect candidate for working for Disney since I'm at some point in my life/career I will be working at Disneyland (with Amanda) for however long I feel like. I have the two things Disney needs - 1. Love for Disney and 2. Pleasing people. That's really what Disney is ALL about, making people happy. I should know.

This is my working life.