Friday, January 30, 2009

10 New Employees

There were ten of us (biggest group ever!) today at orientation. I've decided to continue to write about new things I find out about them and such. It will keep me entertained. A VERY interesting and diverse group.
I've labelled the other nine new employees:

- Jaclyn (my bestest friend there. Similar personalities. Lives by the Pig Farm in POCO)
- Jessica (was sitting with Jacklyn when I met her. Might already know Mousy Girl)
- Loud Mouth Boy (obvious leader. Kinda obnoxious because he wouldn't stop talking)
- Friend of Loud Mouth Boy (showing no personality of his own. Follower)
- Mousy Girl (looks familiar. Never said a word)
- Dedicated Hard-Worker Girl (had her own creation of the work uniform on)
- RPG Boy (Home schooled for life or socially awkward)
- Typical High School Girl (seemed pretty cool)
- Asian Emo Boy (perhaps related to High School Girl)

Goal #1 is to find out ALL they're real names.


All thanks to Jamie ( I've decided to put together a SUPER SIMPLE portfolio thing for my cards.


It's pretty cool and I get to have all my cards in one place!
Make your own at it's free! And not so free!


I used to sit at home and watch tv...

I've been hired!

hahaha! So I thought I would have this super awesome blog of an embarrassing and awkward interview for Cineplex Odeon!
Unfortunately it was easiest thing in life (they obviously hire any one who applies hahah!) and I answer only TWO questions. After a day of mentally preparing all the answers in my head these are the questions I got:

Q: If a customer was yelling at you in the line to hurry up could you handle it?
A: Yes.

Q: Being a Christian would it bother you if you worked with a supposed Satanist?
A: Not at all.


Anyway today I went for my orientation (half and hour!) and there I made a friend, Jacklyn. The best part? We're both the same age and were SO glad to find someone else who wasn't in High School YAY!
Also we decided we're going to have a joined Birthday party in the Theatre party room for our Birthdays! We're about a month apart!
This is all thanks to God! Don't worry I recognize!

This is my work life,


Thursday, January 8, 2009

I have a new favourite store. Check it out!
Based in New York (they now have a real store) they sell a random collection of stuff. Influences varying from local designers to the latest Japanese crazes!

For Valentines Day they are getting us (their fans) to make our own Valentine cards and send them in.
They will then sell the cards in their stores (online and off) for $4 each.
All money goes to Elder Craftsmen (a New York-based organization that brings craft programs to seniors!).

Of course I made one! Inspired by my comic strip card I made in the Summer.

Beetlejuice card with matching envelope.