Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Remember My Name

These are words I've spoken over and over again in the past month. It has been part of the gimmick for my performance and the first ever talent show at my work.
Silvercity Coquitlam's Got Talent 2009

Guess who won?

OKay so a month ago they released a sign up sheet for the talent show and I signed up, picked a song, practised and created a performance with the help of some good friends. Amanda (http://theatreamanda.blogspot.com/). Eliezer. And Jaclyn.

Amanda helped put the together the original show.

Eliezer (master of arts) helped put together the original costume.

helped put together my nerves and excitement.

On the day of the show, Amanda was scheduled to meet me at 11:30 in the lobby of the theatre. Thanks to certain managers who take time to waste mine, I didn't meet her until after, which limited our practise time. Whatever.
Amanda brought a friend, who honestly at first I was nervous about because we weren't actually allowed to bring friends, but it turned out okay - better than okay. Both of them were super supportive and having a friend there really helped calm my nerves.

Also last minute we added a part to the beginning ALSO from Fame and it turned out to be my favourite part and just made it all the more dramatic (like my life). There's a story behind the performance. It's about breaking out of the repetitive (in my case work) and being able to show yourself for who you really are.
SO without further ado (hahaha!), here is the video!
(Turn up your speakers!)