Thursday, June 11, 2009

More importantly - me!

Lately there has been what I like to call a "problem" at my (or with my) church.
Which makes me realize that not only am I a selfish person, but I get really angry when I think about "unfair" things too much.
So right now I'm here writing to let out my steam before I make a bad decision (since I still live on impulses considering my brain won't fully mature until I'm 25, but hopefully I'll have died by then...).
I'm so selfish! I always think about myself first and then family and friends later.

I feel like making a few confessions since lately I've been wanting to be brutally honest (and yes it's easier since I'm not doing this face to face).

1. Ramona - I'm sorry! I'm an introvert. Which means that in given the option of hanging out with a good friend and being home alone, I will choose staying home. And even though I said I felt bad and I was sorry - I really wasn't because I was glad to get what I wanted.

2. I don't really care for a lot of people. Especially at Church (lately). Now I only want to really talk to my closest friends (and friendly people - this means you Sheri). Everyone else I just ignore or try to make polite conversation with - I don't feel these FAKE friendships are worth it.
At work I could care less about "guests" (customers) and I'm happier when I get to say "NO" to them. People think they have a right to EVERYTHING.


4. Charlene and Ria. I don't consider you two my best friends. Charlene I think we're good friends, but not that close. Ria we're friends going on aquaintances - yet I still want to be friends if possible.

5. I'm pretty sure I love my family more than God and WAY more important than friends. If my parents or sister dies it would be the end of the world for me.

6. I need to set my priorities straight (including the one above).

7. I have SO much sin in my life and I wish I would be able to get past it and focus on God more.

8. I don't read my Bible. Ever.

9. I think I can honestly say I pretty much HATE Chris Price.

10. I'm NEVER going to do drugs, drink alcohol or coffee.

11. My sister WILL be my best man at my wedding (because family is most important and I really think people to get that straight).

That's ALL for now,


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Need Boots

I know, I know! I don't really NEED anything. It's more of a WANT - I guess...
But I NEEEEEED these boots!!!!!!

I had the opportunity to first be introduced to my soul mate (in shoe form), when I worked as an extra in a movie set in the 80s, at a fitting. I instantly fell in love.
Girls don't get it. They got shoes a plenty, but guys get three choices of bland material put together and called "wearable". I mean yes it fits, but no I don't want to wear ugly.
Living in Canada I have SUFFERED for so long with cold, wet feet during Winters and I never really sought out a shoe that would encase my feet in dry warmness. Because honestly work boots do nothing for me.

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to find these boots anywhere because apparently some companies had donated shoes specifically for the movie, but I wrote down the brand anyway.
Today I had the ultimate pleasure to search google for what can only be described as my destiny and for $40 NO LESS!!!!!!
A brand new pair of Olive Green Rubber Ducks will soon be on their way to my own home.

HERE they are - Rubber Duck (SMILE)

(Shots taken by my cellphone on set)