Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Need Boots

I know, I know! I don't really NEED anything. It's more of a WANT - I guess...
But I NEEEEEED these boots!!!!!!

I had the opportunity to first be introduced to my soul mate (in shoe form), when I worked as an extra in a movie set in the 80s, at a fitting. I instantly fell in love.
Girls don't get it. They got shoes a plenty, but guys get three choices of bland material put together and called "wearable". I mean yes it fits, but no I don't want to wear ugly.
Living in Canada I have SUFFERED for so long with cold, wet feet during Winters and I never really sought out a shoe that would encase my feet in dry warmness. Because honestly work boots do nothing for me.

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to find these boots anywhere because apparently some companies had donated shoes specifically for the movie, but I wrote down the brand anyway.
Today I had the ultimate pleasure to search google for what can only be described as my destiny and for $40 NO LESS!!!!!!
A brand new pair of Olive Green Rubber Ducks will soon be on their way to my own home.

HERE they are - Rubber Duck (SMILE)

(Shots taken by my cellphone on set)




Jamie McCarthy said...

Cool Boots!

I actually don't have facebook, but you can get my msn off Amanda if you'd like. I go on a few times a week.

In reply to your deductions, my dear Watson, yes I did graduate from Centennial in 2005 and I am 22. This person, however, did not go to high school with me, but rather university, and I think they may be turning 24. They have super long hair and they are a know-it-all. I think they have only been working there for a short while - a few months or less. LOL. I think I have said too much - haha.

Purplestamper said...

Nice...wish you would post more often. I love to hear from you and what kinds of boots you are interested in. Cheers Sheri