Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ramona's Disney Sketches

AND NOW I take some time off from the usual Silvercity trash talk to bring you my friend's BRAAAAAAAAND NEEEEEEEEEW BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome Ramona MacLean - a newly self-discovered artist who is about to make the best choice for her future career! A DISNEY CARTOONIST!

She came over and had the time (30mins) to make some quick sketches for me to post on my blog (slight inside joke)!!!

Random Cat

Random Fairy

Check out some WAAAAAAAAAAY better drawings, poems and MORE on her blog:




Ramona said...

ahhh! you put them up! They are not that good haha. But thanks for the tribute anyhow. Im sure I shall get loads of streaming media on my site now hahha.

bloggeranonymous said...

Fo' shizz!

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Ramona, you were probably too shocked to correct this BUT its Disney Imagineer - note the innovative use of the word imagination, Disney is far too stellar to utilize the simple word cartoonist. P.S. Josh, why didn't you just throw them out?

I would have.

Though I suppose that is a perfect example of how you are the nicest among us "Ramona for heaven's sake put down your finger!"

bloggeranonymous said...

Haha! I'm glad I voted #2 then! and speaking of number 2 I gotta go! JK!!!

Jamie McCarthy said...

These are super cute Josh (and Ramona of course). I'm headed to Silvercity tomorrow to watch Star Trek, so I'm keeping my eye out for you and your crazy co-workers - ha.

Jamie McCarthy said...

Thanks, Josh :)

I didn't see you at the theater this afternoon, but that may have been because I was avoiding a rather annoying person that I know from school (and will not name) who was also working there - lol.

Jamie McCarthy said...

As I said before Josh, I will not name her name. How do I know they are not your friend or stalking you? Like Destiny's Child, I will not diss people on the internet, as "my mama taught me better than that." Hah