Monday, December 20, 2010

Be Golly by Jolly Blogfest

So while everyone else is free from school, travelling home to family, and having crazy fun at parties I am still working double shifts...

Don't worry I had time to hit up one Christmas party that I never miss! The name changes every year depending on the date (this year it was D4 (for December 4th)).
I like it cause in the tradition of everything Filipino and Spanish we have to come prepared with a song or dance or any type of talent!

AND every year my group rocks it. ENJOY and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

(PLEASE!) Let It Snow

Glee is having their first Christmas episode this year and I'm am already freaking out! I absolutely LOVE Christmas songs and the episode is LOADED with them!!!
Which got me obsessed (again!) with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer which is my favourite Christmas movie!! 

    I'm basically Hermey

 My friend Melissa and her friend Jen have created "Be Jolly By Golly" which is a Christmas Blogfest!

I definitely want to be part of this party and I would love it if you all did too!

All you gotta do is sign up at either Melissa or Jens blog and then on (or around) Dec. 20th post your blog!

The rules are as follows:

1.Blog Post to be posted on December 20th (whatever time you desire)
2.Show pictures of your decorations, holiday lights & Christmas tree!
3.Share your favorite treat (Recipe included, chance for others to steal the yumminess!)
4.Share your favorite drink (Recipe included, chance for others to steal the alcohol – or non)
5.Last but not least… visit others!!! Take part in their holiday cheer!

So please join me and let's celebrate Christmas (and this holiday season) together!!!

I know my post is going to be amazing so do me a favour and show me up,


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gleeking OUT! - A gLeek in the Life as Josh

After my last blog post I basically had NO IDEA what I was going to write about next and then I noticed that I have a blog title (see above), and I knew that in order to convey my life truthfully that I would have to show you what a week in the "Life as Josh" looks like!

Let us begin!

My week started on WEDNESDAY. 7 days before Glee Season 2 premiered. Saw 13 (the musical) at the Vancouver Fringe Festival - it was absolutely brilliant!

Me with Fiona, personal friend and cast member of 13

THURSDAY I had a practice for The SilverCity Talent Show. I won last year so fingers crossed!!/video/video.php?v=185806832150&subj=566630136

The finale with Hayleigh

FRIDAY I got to see Easy A and Devil, which were both excellent movies in their respectful genres.

Busting a gut (butt?) with Melissa (

SATURDAY was my lazy day so I called up a friend and went for a jog! Hooray for exercise!!

The aftersweat with Ashley

SUNDAY means church which means dressing up like a toddler and grandparent at the same time, thank you Rachel Berry.

Evelyn (my sister) and I "smile like it hurts"

I needed a haircut so MONDAY I went down to Bangtown to get my hair fixed up.

The finished product all thanks to Sam @ Bangtown
(Shoutout to Monique who snapped this shot!)

TUESDAY (TODAY) I felt sooooo anxious to watch the premiere!! Glee, you did not disappoint! 

My eyes never leave the screen when Rachel Berry does her thing

This is my life through my eyes.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Again He Begins

I threw my beanie babies away today.

Every time I clean my room (and that's not often - max 4 times a year), I am able to let go of more and more things. I'm pretty sure 5 years ago I was on the direct path to fulltime hoarder.
What's changed?
I grew up or I AM growing up.

Every time I clean my room marks another stage I have moved onto in my life. Whether it be changes in life style choices, personality, jobs, attitudes, outlooks or whatever.
It marks me wanting to make a change in my life for the better.

And every time I clean my room I feel I can start afresh, anew. So this is my clean slate.
I'm going to blog more. Let you know where I'm at and where I'm going.

I may not be a writer biding my time before my books become bestsellers.

Or an artist who can entertain you with her passion inspired drawings.

Frugality and ingenuity don't come easy to me either.

But I know it's okay to be something different. Because I am. Special. Specially different. What?

I am Josh.

p.s. Those are my friends blogs (above) and unless your a complete imbecile you'll check them out ;)

Monday, October 19, 2009

First Drunk Experience

“Hey, were playing board games at E's tonight,” R said, “Wanna come?”
“Okay,” I replied.
“We're gonna get drunk though,” she said.
“Okay, but you guys aren't mean or anything when your drunk, right?” I questioned.
“No we're really happy, I'm a happy drunk!” R said.
“Who's coming?” I said.
“Just you, me, N, B and E” she listed, “See you after work!”

I walk out into the lobby to meet up with R after I finish counting up the last of the coupons, already tired from waking up early, a long and crazy day, and then an 8 hour shift.
“...she fricken hit me on the back of the head and ran, screaming at us 'Wanna take it outside?'” N was telling me.
“What?” I said. It took a few minutes to understand. What happened was R and N had walked into one of the theatres and found a couple going at it and so they laughed and left. Then the female followed them out and from behind smacked them on their heads. Then she ran off telling them to bring it on.
I wasn't even shocked, you should see some of the “guests” we get at SC.
“Okay whatever, I don't want to think about it,” R shrugged, “Let's go!”

So we all (R, N, B and I) get inside R's car and we drive off.
“We're going to need to pick up some chase for tonight,” B said.
“Yeah we're going to the 7-11,” replied N as we pulled into the parking space.
R and N went inside while B and I waited in the car.
“Are you sleeping over?” B asked.
“No, I live next door to E so I can just walk home after.”
“Cool, yeah I think I'm going to stay for a while, but I don't want to sleep over, cause you know...”
“Yeah I like sleeping by myself to,” I responded.

We arrive at E's house and the first game chosen is “Shoots and Ladders”. Every time you land on a bullseye you take a shot of vodka – simple as that. (This should go without saying, but no I didn't drink anything at all).
Everything is going fine. The others begin to loosen up so we move on to the next game “Don't Wake Up Daddy!”
We're all excited to play! R and N have convinced B to sleep over and all B has to do is ask her mom.
“Mom! There's no boys! We just want to have a girls night! Why are you being so retarded? Stop acting like a dumb ------!! No I'm staying, your so gay!!!!”

“I give the best hugs, they're the best right?” B says.
“Yeah” I say.
“No your just saying that, my hugs are the best”
“Yes they are”
“I'm the best hugger!”
“I agree with you!”
“Don't just say that!”
“I'm not just saying that!”
“Wouldn't it be cool if we could all live here together?” R cuts in.
“YEAH! We can all share rent!” N says.
“Yeah, if we split it three ways we'll all just pay $200 each and share the room and bathroom,” B adds.
“Three of you in one room?” I say, clearly the only one with clear thought process.
“Yeah, we're use to being with each other like 24 hours a day!” R says.
“Awww, I love you R,” N says hugging R.
“Nooooo, I love you N,” R replies.
“Don't forget me, I love you girls too,” B tries to squeeze into the embrace as they fall over.
I roll my eyes. This is getting ridiculous.
“Give me a kiss R,” says N. They begin to kiss full out on the ground.
“This is kinda awkward,” says B as she gets off the floor.
At least we all have the decency to look away from them, you know give them some privacy in the middle of the living room.

The girls stumble up and down the stairs using the bathroom, placing imaginary furniture into their future bedroom, and coming down for more shots. Meanwhile E and I are sitting downstairs waiting for them to come back so we can finish the game.
B comes down and starts telling us how she makes the most money out of the three of them.
“I can hear them upstairs whispering how it's just going to be the two of them,” B lashes.

“If me and my boyfriend are having sex you can just sleep in E's room, since he's kinda like your boyfriend,” N explains to R in a low voice from the stairs.
“He's not really my boyfriend,” R interjects.

“See! They're not even including me and I'm making like $1200 a month which is basically double what their making together, I'm so pissed right now!” B says.
“They'll forget everything by tomorrow morning,” E assures, “I'm so tired.”
“Go to bed then,” I say.
“Who's gonna lock up?”
“I will”
“You can't!”
“I wanna leave now! I can't phone my mom to pick me up though because she's furious with me!”

R and N come down the stairs one after the other and pass out on the living room carpet. E drags himself off to bed, not caring about unlocked doors. I look around and take it all in. B is phoning her mom to see if she'll pick her up because she doesn't want to stay around.
“Hi mommy, can you pick me up please?”
“The address is 3533 Hawthorne Ave. Can you pick me up?”
“What? Are you retarded? 3533!”
“Stop being a ------! HAWTHORNE!”
“Why are you being so gay! 3533 Hawthorne!”
“WHATEVER I'll just take a cab and pay with my own money, ---- you!!!!”

She hangs up and begins to call other friends, finally getting a response,
“Hi J?”
“Where are you?”
“Wanna come over?”
“Why are you being so gay?”
“Your so gay”
“No your so gay”
“Your so gay”

I can't take it. I've seen and heard everything I needed to and now it's time for me to take my leave.

“B, can you lock up?'
“Lock up.”
“Lock up?”
“K, ohh your leaving?”
“K, give me a hug, I'm the best hugger,” she said as she began to hug me.
“Yes you are”
“Awww, no really I am”
“Yes you are.”
“No don't say that, I really am”
“I know that”
That's when I smell it. At first I can't believe it, but I have to believe the last four hours.

B farted while hugging me.

“Okay bye!” I say and walk out the door while B closes it behind me.

It's 4:04AM. I left with a parting text to R,

Sorry, but u guys r retarted.
New blog post in the morning.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Remember My Name

These are words I've spoken over and over again in the past month. It has been part of the gimmick for my performance and the first ever talent show at my work.
Silvercity Coquitlam's Got Talent 2009

Guess who won?

OKay so a month ago they released a sign up sheet for the talent show and I signed up, picked a song, practised and created a performance with the help of some good friends. Amanda ( Eliezer. And Jaclyn.

Amanda helped put the together the original show.

Eliezer (master of arts) helped put together the original costume.

helped put together my nerves and excitement.

On the day of the show, Amanda was scheduled to meet me at 11:30 in the lobby of the theatre. Thanks to certain managers who take time to waste mine, I didn't meet her until after, which limited our practise time. Whatever.
Amanda brought a friend, who honestly at first I was nervous about because we weren't actually allowed to bring friends, but it turned out okay - better than okay. Both of them were super supportive and having a friend there really helped calm my nerves.

Also last minute we added a part to the beginning ALSO from Fame and it turned out to be my favourite part and just made it all the more dramatic (like my life). There's a story behind the performance. It's about breaking out of the repetitive (in my case work) and being able to show yourself for who you really are.
SO without further ado (hahaha!), here is the video!
(Turn up your speakers!)



Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We are the Altar Boyz!

Last night I had the extreme pleasure of attending Altar Boyz for the second time!

Altar Boyz is a comedy/satire of a "Christian" boy band called Altar Boyz. They are on tour cleansing peoples souls with their Jesus message. Singing pop songs and dancing their butts off.

I've never seen a show where the actors are SO dedicated to the characters and had so much talent. Especially here in Vancouver so of course I was surprised to find 5 good singers instead of just one or two which is the usual Vancouver quality.

SORRY but someone had to say it!

I first went with Maya (, and had on of the best times ever and left the theatre singing and in brighter spirits which lasted the whole day!

Aug. 15 (with Maya), Aug. 24 (Family + Brittany) about a week apart!

Then I went AGAIN last night with the fam and Brittany ( and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time! We all had such a good time!

The end of their Summer run is this Saturday the 29th, but there are still seats so if you've got time this week you should consider going!

Remember my name,