Sunday, September 12, 2010

Again He Begins

I threw my beanie babies away today.

Every time I clean my room (and that's not often - max 4 times a year), I am able to let go of more and more things. I'm pretty sure 5 years ago I was on the direct path to fulltime hoarder.
What's changed?
I grew up or I AM growing up.

Every time I clean my room marks another stage I have moved onto in my life. Whether it be changes in life style choices, personality, jobs, attitudes, outlooks or whatever.
It marks me wanting to make a change in my life for the better.

And every time I clean my room I feel I can start afresh, anew. So this is my clean slate.
I'm going to blog more. Let you know where I'm at and where I'm going.

I may not be a writer biding my time before my books become bestsellers.

Or an artist who can entertain you with her passion inspired drawings.

Frugality and ingenuity don't come easy to me either.

But I know it's okay to be something different. Because I am. Special. Specially different. What?

I am Josh.

p.s. Those are my friends blogs (above) and unless your a complete imbecile you'll check them out ;)


Purplestamper said...

AAAAAWHHHHHHHHH I'm so happy you are back to blogging, cause I LOVE your insights, Josh you are awesome. Hey Maybe there is still hope for Jayde and her stuffies. I guess I can wait until she decides to take the plunge. She is only 9 . Happy to see you are cleaning your room. :-) I love a clean room. Take care and I look forward to NY updates. Have a wonderful day.

Melissa said...

The new banner is excellent Josh. The layout looks good, as well. As I told you yesterday, I am glad you're going to be blogging again.

I clicked my tongue in a bit of embarrassment when I saw your link to my blog. It was very sweet. But I'm still a little embarrassed. You, my mom, and Ramona have so much faith in me! Thank you.

Congratulations on cleaning your room and beginning with a blank slate. I just cleaned my room as well (I bought a frame for my map and it looks absolutely gorgeous!) and I feel fresh and ready to tackle my homework.

Okay, not really but I thought if I said it I'd be able to start.

Jamie McCarthy said...

Great to see a new post from you Josh! Oh man, did you watch that marathon of Hoarders last weekend? Scary stuff. Cleaning is always a refreshingly good thing to do.

Ramona said...

hey josh! I love the new look! I have missed your blogs, so yes please keep it updated, yes? yes! I shall try too haha. Its just hard when my stupid scanner is not working. Thanks for the link to my blog :) very pleased about this.

p.s. Melissa's map does look amazing in the frame.