Monday, October 19, 2009

First Drunk Experience

“Hey, were playing board games at E's tonight,” R said, “Wanna come?”
“Okay,” I replied.
“We're gonna get drunk though,” she said.
“Okay, but you guys aren't mean or anything when your drunk, right?” I questioned.
“No we're really happy, I'm a happy drunk!” R said.
“Who's coming?” I said.
“Just you, me, N, B and E” she listed, “See you after work!”

I walk out into the lobby to meet up with R after I finish counting up the last of the coupons, already tired from waking up early, a long and crazy day, and then an 8 hour shift.
“...she fricken hit me on the back of the head and ran, screaming at us 'Wanna take it outside?'” N was telling me.
“What?” I said. It took a few minutes to understand. What happened was R and N had walked into one of the theatres and found a couple going at it and so they laughed and left. Then the female followed them out and from behind smacked them on their heads. Then she ran off telling them to bring it on.
I wasn't even shocked, you should see some of the “guests” we get at SC.
“Okay whatever, I don't want to think about it,” R shrugged, “Let's go!”

So we all (R, N, B and I) get inside R's car and we drive off.
“We're going to need to pick up some chase for tonight,” B said.
“Yeah we're going to the 7-11,” replied N as we pulled into the parking space.
R and N went inside while B and I waited in the car.
“Are you sleeping over?” B asked.
“No, I live next door to E so I can just walk home after.”
“Cool, yeah I think I'm going to stay for a while, but I don't want to sleep over, cause you know...”
“Yeah I like sleeping by myself to,” I responded.

We arrive at E's house and the first game chosen is “Shoots and Ladders”. Every time you land on a bullseye you take a shot of vodka – simple as that. (This should go without saying, but no I didn't drink anything at all).
Everything is going fine. The others begin to loosen up so we move on to the next game “Don't Wake Up Daddy!”
We're all excited to play! R and N have convinced B to sleep over and all B has to do is ask her mom.
“Mom! There's no boys! We just want to have a girls night! Why are you being so retarded? Stop acting like a dumb ------!! No I'm staying, your so gay!!!!”

“I give the best hugs, they're the best right?” B says.
“Yeah” I say.
“No your just saying that, my hugs are the best”
“Yes they are”
“I'm the best hugger!”
“I agree with you!”
“Don't just say that!”
“I'm not just saying that!”
“Wouldn't it be cool if we could all live here together?” R cuts in.
“YEAH! We can all share rent!” N says.
“Yeah, if we split it three ways we'll all just pay $200 each and share the room and bathroom,” B adds.
“Three of you in one room?” I say, clearly the only one with clear thought process.
“Yeah, we're use to being with each other like 24 hours a day!” R says.
“Awww, I love you R,” N says hugging R.
“Nooooo, I love you N,” R replies.
“Don't forget me, I love you girls too,” B tries to squeeze into the embrace as they fall over.
I roll my eyes. This is getting ridiculous.
“Give me a kiss R,” says N. They begin to kiss full out on the ground.
“This is kinda awkward,” says B as she gets off the floor.
At least we all have the decency to look away from them, you know give them some privacy in the middle of the living room.

The girls stumble up and down the stairs using the bathroom, placing imaginary furniture into their future bedroom, and coming down for more shots. Meanwhile E and I are sitting downstairs waiting for them to come back so we can finish the game.
B comes down and starts telling us how she makes the most money out of the three of them.
“I can hear them upstairs whispering how it's just going to be the two of them,” B lashes.

“If me and my boyfriend are having sex you can just sleep in E's room, since he's kinda like your boyfriend,” N explains to R in a low voice from the stairs.
“He's not really my boyfriend,” R interjects.

“See! They're not even including me and I'm making like $1200 a month which is basically double what their making together, I'm so pissed right now!” B says.
“They'll forget everything by tomorrow morning,” E assures, “I'm so tired.”
“Go to bed then,” I say.
“Who's gonna lock up?”
“I will”
“You can't!”
“I wanna leave now! I can't phone my mom to pick me up though because she's furious with me!”

R and N come down the stairs one after the other and pass out on the living room carpet. E drags himself off to bed, not caring about unlocked doors. I look around and take it all in. B is phoning her mom to see if she'll pick her up because she doesn't want to stay around.
“Hi mommy, can you pick me up please?”
“The address is 3533 Hawthorne Ave. Can you pick me up?”
“What? Are you retarded? 3533!”
“Stop being a ------! HAWTHORNE!”
“Why are you being so gay! 3533 Hawthorne!”
“WHATEVER I'll just take a cab and pay with my own money, ---- you!!!!”

She hangs up and begins to call other friends, finally getting a response,
“Hi J?”
“Where are you?”
“Wanna come over?”
“Why are you being so gay?”
“Your so gay”
“No your so gay”
“Your so gay”

I can't take it. I've seen and heard everything I needed to and now it's time for me to take my leave.

“B, can you lock up?'
“Lock up.”
“Lock up?”
“K, ohh your leaving?”
“K, give me a hug, I'm the best hugger,” she said as she began to hug me.
“Yes you are”
“Awww, no really I am”
“Yes you are.”
“No don't say that, I really am”
“I know that”
That's when I smell it. At first I can't believe it, but I have to believe the last four hours.

B farted while hugging me.

“Okay bye!” I say and walk out the door while B closes it behind me.

It's 4:04AM. I left with a parting text to R,

Sorry, but u guys r retarted.
New blog post in the morning.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Remember My Name

These are words I've spoken over and over again in the past month. It has been part of the gimmick for my performance and the first ever talent show at my work.
Silvercity Coquitlam's Got Talent 2009

Guess who won?

OKay so a month ago they released a sign up sheet for the talent show and I signed up, picked a song, practised and created a performance with the help of some good friends. Amanda ( Eliezer. And Jaclyn.

Amanda helped put the together the original show.

Eliezer (master of arts) helped put together the original costume.

helped put together my nerves and excitement.

On the day of the show, Amanda was scheduled to meet me at 11:30 in the lobby of the theatre. Thanks to certain managers who take time to waste mine, I didn't meet her until after, which limited our practise time. Whatever.
Amanda brought a friend, who honestly at first I was nervous about because we weren't actually allowed to bring friends, but it turned out okay - better than okay. Both of them were super supportive and having a friend there really helped calm my nerves.

Also last minute we added a part to the beginning ALSO from Fame and it turned out to be my favourite part and just made it all the more dramatic (like my life). There's a story behind the performance. It's about breaking out of the repetitive (in my case work) and being able to show yourself for who you really are.
SO without further ado (hahaha!), here is the video!
(Turn up your speakers!)



Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We are the Altar Boyz!

Last night I had the extreme pleasure of attending Altar Boyz for the second time!

Altar Boyz is a comedy/satire of a "Christian" boy band called Altar Boyz. They are on tour cleansing peoples souls with their Jesus message. Singing pop songs and dancing their butts off.

I've never seen a show where the actors are SO dedicated to the characters and had so much talent. Especially here in Vancouver so of course I was surprised to find 5 good singers instead of just one or two which is the usual Vancouver quality.

SORRY but someone had to say it!

I first went with Maya (, and had on of the best times ever and left the theatre singing and in brighter spirits which lasted the whole day!

Aug. 15 (with Maya), Aug. 24 (Family + Brittany) about a week apart!

Then I went AGAIN last night with the fam and Brittany ( and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time! We all had such a good time!

The end of their Summer run is this Saturday the 29th, but there are still seats so if you've got time this week you should consider going!

Remember my name,


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Starting Over

I can do this, right? Do over!


It's been so long and I left you on a bad note. My dear blog I'm sorry.
It took a while to find myself, and as lame as it is to admit, even though it felt like my life had stopped that there couldn't be anything more important - really? It goes on. With or without me. I've forgiven and forgotten.

And secondly,

A few days ago I told my friend every secret I had about myself. Everything I've been embarrassed or ashamed to tell people. Some of them physical imperfections and others spiritual.
I couldn't stop laughing because I couldn't believe that I could tell someone about the darkness in my life - the things holding me back. Yet as soon as I revealed the shadows I felt better. Relieved even.
I've been working on not being embarrassed. If nothing but embarrassment is going to holding me back then I can do anything, right?

So what is Josh now?

I'm someone full of contradictions. Who wants goodness more than anything. Selfish and rude at times. Knows what his priorities are and continuously forgets. Still wishing for world peace, but fully aware that he will soon live in a place where it's possible and not just a wish. Self conscious yet a little less caring. Simple with a thousand rules.
Trying to do my best which is all that is asked of me.

Hopefully less about me and my drama after this post.
But don't forget who writes this blog and what it's all about.

Remember my name,


Thursday, June 11, 2009

More importantly - me!

Lately there has been what I like to call a "problem" at my (or with my) church.
Which makes me realize that not only am I a selfish person, but I get really angry when I think about "unfair" things too much.
So right now I'm here writing to let out my steam before I make a bad decision (since I still live on impulses considering my brain won't fully mature until I'm 25, but hopefully I'll have died by then...).
I'm so selfish! I always think about myself first and then family and friends later.

I feel like making a few confessions since lately I've been wanting to be brutally honest (and yes it's easier since I'm not doing this face to face).

1. Ramona - I'm sorry! I'm an introvert. Which means that in given the option of hanging out with a good friend and being home alone, I will choose staying home. And even though I said I felt bad and I was sorry - I really wasn't because I was glad to get what I wanted.

2. I don't really care for a lot of people. Especially at Church (lately). Now I only want to really talk to my closest friends (and friendly people - this means you Sheri). Everyone else I just ignore or try to make polite conversation with - I don't feel these FAKE friendships are worth it.
At work I could care less about "guests" (customers) and I'm happier when I get to say "NO" to them. People think they have a right to EVERYTHING.


4. Charlene and Ria. I don't consider you two my best friends. Charlene I think we're good friends, but not that close. Ria we're friends going on aquaintances - yet I still want to be friends if possible.

5. I'm pretty sure I love my family more than God and WAY more important than friends. If my parents or sister dies it would be the end of the world for me.

6. I need to set my priorities straight (including the one above).

7. I have SO much sin in my life and I wish I would be able to get past it and focus on God more.

8. I don't read my Bible. Ever.

9. I think I can honestly say I pretty much HATE Chris Price.

10. I'm NEVER going to do drugs, drink alcohol or coffee.

11. My sister WILL be my best man at my wedding (because family is most important and I really think people to get that straight).

That's ALL for now,


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Need Boots

I know, I know! I don't really NEED anything. It's more of a WANT - I guess...
But I NEEEEEED these boots!!!!!!

I had the opportunity to first be introduced to my soul mate (in shoe form), when I worked as an extra in a movie set in the 80s, at a fitting. I instantly fell in love.
Girls don't get it. They got shoes a plenty, but guys get three choices of bland material put together and called "wearable". I mean yes it fits, but no I don't want to wear ugly.
Living in Canada I have SUFFERED for so long with cold, wet feet during Winters and I never really sought out a shoe that would encase my feet in dry warmness. Because honestly work boots do nothing for me.

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to find these boots anywhere because apparently some companies had donated shoes specifically for the movie, but I wrote down the brand anyway.
Today I had the ultimate pleasure to search google for what can only be described as my destiny and for $40 NO LESS!!!!!!
A brand new pair of Olive Green Rubber Ducks will soon be on their way to my own home.

HERE they are - Rubber Duck (SMILE)

(Shots taken by my cellphone on set)


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ramona's Disney Sketches

AND NOW I take some time off from the usual Silvercity trash talk to bring you my friend's BRAAAAAAAAND NEEEEEEEEEW BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome Ramona MacLean - a newly self-discovered artist who is about to make the best choice for her future career! A DISNEY CARTOONIST!

She came over and had the time (30mins) to make some quick sketches for me to post on my blog (slight inside joke)!!!

Random Cat

Random Fairy

Check out some WAAAAAAAAAAY better drawings, poems and MORE on her blog:


Monday, March 30, 2009

The Popular and The Hated

***I'm dedicating this blog post to a true life villain - Ann-Marie***

The Hated (thought I'd start with the best):
- Ann-Marie (The one everyone hates)
Bossy, controlling, rude, butt-slapper/sexual harasser.
Asked if she could run the kid parties and SO FAR has made kids cry and has had people cancel parties on her. So they stuck her in Burger King at the back.
Has knocked over a girl onto a metal cart and had a report written up about her.
*Rumour* (quoted) "They cancelled after they saw her face"

- Wesley (The power crazy nerd)
Don't know HOW he was made Team Leader, but he sucks up to the managers and treats us like imbeciles. Also his voice drills into your head and leaves you with a headache of mass proportion. If he would only stop talking...

- Travis (The crappy Team Leader)
Shows up late (at least an hour), "forgets" to give me a break, doesn't relieve me of my shift, and purposely tries to embarrass me after I accidentally make him drop his debit card.

- Matt (The SUPER SLOW Team Leader)
I've made lots of overtime hours working with him.

SLACKERS (The lazies that keep us working way past midnight)
- Jenny (aka: Stupid Jenny aka: Non-Asian Jenny)
- Rachel-Ray (Jenny's partner in crime)
- Nicky/Vicky (The drunk)
- Sergei (The minuscule bad-boy)
- Jamie (The pretty one that never stops talking)
- Katrina (Russian girl who tries to do as little as possible and complains the whole time)
*All of the above are also hypocrites and giant whiners*

The Popular

Farnaz (Manager material)
Is the best of everything in this life. The most responsible and mature person who works at Silvercity. She's sixteen.

Amy (The one that's nice to me)
She's SO good at her job. She likes me so we get along GREAT, but there is a lot who don't like her bossiness. Wait until I'm a Team Leader.

Tejas (The compulsive annoyer)
He is the most obnoxious person who works there (or maybe ever), yet people like him (I don't include myself in "people")

Josh (That's me)
Random people who I don't know start talking to me and asking questions ALL the time. And people like me a lot (which I think is weird considering I find myself to be too proper and bossy).


p.s. There are Christians at work! I've gone ahead and seeked them all out using my detective skills. You'd be surprised at how nosy I can be.

Monday, March 9, 2009

TOXIC - The Amanda and Josh Show

If you haven't seen our Toxic video then your crazy and need to click the link below!

Toxic - A music video interpretation by Amanda and Josh


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mad = Immaturity?

I'm mad.

- Ann-Marie the singer, actor, dancer!
More like the brick with no talent aka: the troll.

- Lately I've been more and more upset, which leads me to find a quick solution which I can only describe as immaturity.
I never really had a rebellious cycle in life where I would fight with my parents or anything. Yet lately I've been finding it easy and simple to tell my parents off when they ask me a question. In my head I know I sound like a brat and that they're only helping me, but for some reason it bothers me SO much that I can't always control the way I say things.

- I have a friend who is distancing them self from me because I say things without thinking them fully through and hurt them - and even when I do think them through (over and over again almost everyday) it still seems to attack them in some way. Which to me is crap. Now I feel like every time we talk I'm treading on glass hoping that in some way, shape or form I don't do ANYTHING that will lead to disaster. Do I still want to be friends? Yes. That bad? I don't know. But at least I AM trying.

- Why should I pretend to be nice to someone who I don't like or want to be friends with. You are annoying, stupid and every time we talk I like you less. I don't want to see a movie with you. I don't want to plan parties with you. I really don't want to talk to you. And I really don't care how your doing.

- If you have a comment, whether it be negative or positive, just say it the way you mean it. Don't beat around the bush trying to make me decipher what your actually trying to say!!!!!!!
Did I over sing the song? JUST TELL ME!
Am I a crap of a friend? JUST TELL ME!
Do you not like the way I talk? JUST TELL ME!
Am I a horrible son? JUST TELL ME!
Do you not want to hang out? JUST TELL ME!
Do you not actually want to be friends? PLEASE JUST TELL ME!

I'm selfish, obsessive, immature, and hurtful and yet I'm trying my best.
Get over it please, because I'm past all of this.

Yes I'm like an angry child.


p.s. I might delete this eventually. I only wrote this to let out my anger - soon I'll realize how embarrassing it is.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Silvercity Update!

So I was planning to bring you guys SO much new information LAST WEEK.
Then I got busy with work.
Funny how that happens.

Anyway I've come realize a few things while at work:
- I LOVE working at Silvercity Coquitlam (in fact I didn't want to leave last Saturday)

- NOBODY likes Ann-Marie (I was on my break in the Cast Room and she walked
in and everyone fell silent)

- In the Cast Room there is a poster on the wall advertising a contest to carry the torch in the 2010 Olympics and my friend is right on the front (y a y extra work!)

- Belinda's parents own a restaurant by ABC Family and she introduced them to me. A certain boy looked familiar so I said so. It was Asian Emo Boy (if you look back at my blog, 10 New Employees, I have him down as perhaps related to Belinda). I had asked her about him last week and she denied she even knew who he was. TURNS out they ARE brother and sister and she only told us she didn't know him because she thought we weren't allowed to bring anyone on the tour! I assured her that it was okay.

- The managers name I can never remember is Farnaz (took me a minute to remember just now!)

- There is a Jenny and and Asian Jenny.

- Most people I don't know, know my name (creepy, I usually ignore them thinking they are talking to another Josh)

Ack! I have to go to work now! Jaclyn is picking me up! CIAO!


Sunday, February 8, 2009

I was peppy the whole time!

First shift ever!!!
Gosh was it fun! I was a runner, which means I grabbed stuff for the people who worked the tills (of which I hope to never work at!). It was so fun, it's like I'm running to the back room and trying to avoid many moving obstacles while making jokes and forming friendships with them! Could a job get any better?
I honestly thought I didn't like people.
For the first hour I worked with Jaclyn and Jacqueline (okay more like I just talked with them) and T.K. (who by the way has a friend from school who works there and they both kinda act the same except T.K. is just a nicer person) and Rachel (whom I've learnt is close friends with Jenny, who is really annoying, but prefers listening to me instead! Word of advice - Shut your trap Jenny!)

- I met this girl Ann-Marie who I thought was super cool at first because she likes Twilight. MISLEADING!!! She's bossy (in a rude non-helpful way) and she totally thinks she's a manager or something and tells everyone what to do (even the people who have been there longer than her!) MORE TO COME!
p.s. No one really likes her. Plus we need a villain to this story.
- Stephenie looked familiar and I instantly knew I'd seen her on set before so we easily bonded over that fact. Doesn't appear to have many friends so naturally I adopted her into my circle.
- I always forget how to say her name. Farsha? Shafar? Fashi? (I PROMISE I'll remember next time!) She's one of the managers and the orientation trainer. Such a nice girl.
- The other manager Brandon (I got a bad first impression of him. Luckily I ask a hundred million question, am eager, and I ALWAYS thank people when they tell me how to do something even if I've heard it a hundred times). Which in turn softened me up to his dedicated managing skills.

- Keireen (Karen) Lee (worked her last day with me as her personal runner! Friendship continues through msn form!)
- Jevin (has a weird name and knows it, short and wide)
- Robert (tall and thin, hangs out with Jevin!!! How does that even happen!!!)
- T.K.'s Friend (actually not as bad as I'll make him out to be, since he WAS just being helpful. Had the worst customers. Apparently can speak close to the same language as T.K.)

Side note: They didn't have any new shirts or hats so I had to wear an old style shirt (that's gone out of print) and a pizza/pizza hat! And my name tag says my favourite movie is HSM3! Represent!


p.s. I hope none of these people ever read my blog...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Down to 11?

First day of training! Kinda lame, but at least I was able to ask questions that I had about my new "workmates"! It was pretty boring, except for these three "bad" workers that decided to crash the training sessions. They basically told us to quit now because the job was so crappy and so on and so forth. VERY HIGH SCHOOL. VERY INAPPROPRIATE. Apparently (according to the Trainer) they aren't going anywhere in life!

So there was ten of us on Friday and two more joined our group today so that SHOULD equal 12, yet they were only expecting 11. And Loud Mouth, Friend of Loud Mouth and Asian Emo Boy never showed up leaving us with 9 at training.

Of course I sat beside Jaclyn and I found out more names! Goal #1 complete!
- Mousy Girl is actually Jacqueline (don't actually know her from anywhere, spoke a little more today.)
-Dedicated Hard-Worker Girl is actually Rachel (super mature for an 18 year old, tried to make more conversations with her today. Need to keep her close because I know she'll be a loyal back-up)
- RPG Boy is Alex (has been a PA on movie sets and used to work at the Superstore next door. ALSO he's 23, making him the oldest of us haha!)
- Typical High School Girl also known as Belinda (prettier today than Friday. Must be popular! Laughed at all the jokes the "bad workers" made, but she IS 17)
-Don't forget Jessica (smoker! Gross I know, but she totally needs me and Jaclyn as her friends and she's easy to talk to)
- We think Loud Mouth and Friend we're fired because they were high and obnoxious on Friday! How exciting!

Jenny (kinda boring. Used to be hard core with sports.)
T.K. (European refugee! I know right?! Didn't say much, but kept giving me looks - which I accepted since I did most of the talking...)

p.s. Used my free movies pass today and saw Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Please don't see it if you would like to avoid an hour and a half of stupidity.


Friday, January 30, 2009

10 New Employees

There were ten of us (biggest group ever!) today at orientation. I've decided to continue to write about new things I find out about them and such. It will keep me entertained. A VERY interesting and diverse group.
I've labelled the other nine new employees:

- Jaclyn (my bestest friend there. Similar personalities. Lives by the Pig Farm in POCO)
- Jessica (was sitting with Jacklyn when I met her. Might already know Mousy Girl)
- Loud Mouth Boy (obvious leader. Kinda obnoxious because he wouldn't stop talking)
- Friend of Loud Mouth Boy (showing no personality of his own. Follower)
- Mousy Girl (looks familiar. Never said a word)
- Dedicated Hard-Worker Girl (had her own creation of the work uniform on)
- RPG Boy (Home schooled for life or socially awkward)
- Typical High School Girl (seemed pretty cool)
- Asian Emo Boy (perhaps related to High School Girl)

Goal #1 is to find out ALL they're real names.


All thanks to Jamie ( I've decided to put together a SUPER SIMPLE portfolio thing for my cards.


It's pretty cool and I get to have all my cards in one place!
Make your own at it's free! And not so free!


I used to sit at home and watch tv...

I've been hired!

hahaha! So I thought I would have this super awesome blog of an embarrassing and awkward interview for Cineplex Odeon!
Unfortunately it was easiest thing in life (they obviously hire any one who applies hahah!) and I answer only TWO questions. After a day of mentally preparing all the answers in my head these are the questions I got:

Q: If a customer was yelling at you in the line to hurry up could you handle it?
A: Yes.

Q: Being a Christian would it bother you if you worked with a supposed Satanist?
A: Not at all.


Anyway today I went for my orientation (half and hour!) and there I made a friend, Jacklyn. The best part? We're both the same age and were SO glad to find someone else who wasn't in High School YAY!
Also we decided we're going to have a joined Birthday party in the Theatre party room for our Birthdays! We're about a month apart!
This is all thanks to God! Don't worry I recognize!

This is my work life,


Thursday, January 8, 2009

I have a new favourite store. Check it out!
Based in New York (they now have a real store) they sell a random collection of stuff. Influences varying from local designers to the latest Japanese crazes!

For Valentines Day they are getting us (their fans) to make our own Valentine cards and send them in.
They will then sell the cards in their stores (online and off) for $4 each.
All money goes to Elder Craftsmen (a New York-based organization that brings craft programs to seniors!).

Of course I made one! Inspired by my comic strip card I made in the Summer.

Beetlejuice card with matching envelope.