Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gleeking OUT! - A gLeek in the Life as Josh

After my last blog post I basically had NO IDEA what I was going to write about next and then I noticed that I have a blog title (see above), and I knew that in order to convey my life truthfully that I would have to show you what a week in the "Life as Josh" looks like!

Let us begin!

My week started on WEDNESDAY. 7 days before Glee Season 2 premiered. Saw 13 (the musical) at the Vancouver Fringe Festival - it was absolutely brilliant!

Me with Fiona, personal friend and cast member of 13

THURSDAY I had a practice for The SilverCity Talent Show. I won last year so fingers crossed! http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=566630136#!/video/video.php?v=185806832150&subj=566630136

The finale with Hayleigh

FRIDAY I got to see Easy A and Devil, which were both excellent movies in their respectful genres.

Busting a gut (butt?) with Melissa (http://melissa-throughthelookingglass.blogspot.com/)

SATURDAY was my lazy day so I called up a friend and went for a jog! Hooray for exercise!!

The aftersweat with Ashley

SUNDAY means church which means dressing up like a toddler and grandparent at the same time, thank you Rachel Berry.

Evelyn (my sister) and I "smile like it hurts"

I needed a haircut so MONDAY I went down to Bangtown to get my hair fixed up.

The finished product all thanks to Sam @ Bangtown
(Shoutout to Monique who snapped this shot!)

TUESDAY (TODAY) I felt sooooo anxious to watch the premiere!! Glee, you did not disappoint! 

My eyes never leave the screen when Rachel Berry does her thing

This is my life through my eyes.



Melissa said...

I love how you and your sister look so much like siblings in this. Maybe you feel like that's a weird comment...it isn't.

Love all the pictures Josh and I'm glad you're blogging about whatever you want. Plus, I love blogs with pictures.

ALSO... why did I NOT know that you actually WON the talent show. I knew you were in it, watched the video but I didn't know you WON. What the heck?

Purplestamper said...

Cool Josh. When I think of GLEE I think of YOU. LOVE the matching sweaters & so looking forward to keeping up with you through your blog.

Ramona said...

I love this post!! Can you do this every week? Brilliant idea. I love the shot of Melissa and you. Soooo posed! haha and you can tell Melissa is not as fully in to it as you. heh heh!

Jamie McCarthy said...

Hey Josh, thanks for your comment the other day. I left you one back on my blog. Good luck with the talent competition! Did you enjoy the Britney episode of Glee?

maya said...

hooray! keep posting! the world needs more of josh's life!

Lisa said...

I LOVE Glee! Rachel is probably my favorite character... of course, now I'm totally into the new boy on the scene, Blaine.

I love your church outfits - grandma and toddler is my favorite style :)