Friday, January 30, 2009

10 New Employees

There were ten of us (biggest group ever!) today at orientation. I've decided to continue to write about new things I find out about them and such. It will keep me entertained. A VERY interesting and diverse group.
I've labelled the other nine new employees:

- Jaclyn (my bestest friend there. Similar personalities. Lives by the Pig Farm in POCO)
- Jessica (was sitting with Jacklyn when I met her. Might already know Mousy Girl)
- Loud Mouth Boy (obvious leader. Kinda obnoxious because he wouldn't stop talking)
- Friend of Loud Mouth Boy (showing no personality of his own. Follower)
- Mousy Girl (looks familiar. Never said a word)
- Dedicated Hard-Worker Girl (had her own creation of the work uniform on)
- RPG Boy (Home schooled for life or socially awkward)
- Typical High School Girl (seemed pretty cool)
- Asian Emo Boy (perhaps related to High School Girl)

Goal #1 is to find out ALL they're real names.


Amanda A said...

You are too funny. Glad to know you're making friends and updating us on your work life.

Anonymous said...

you blogged a lot this week! also what's "RPG"??

bloggeranonymous said...

Role-Playing Game. Like Zelda. Mostly for geeks haha! he probably plays a lot of Warcraft too!

Sarah-Jill said...

Who says RPG was homeschooled?!? =P
You bad ex-homeschooler, you!!

bloggeranonymous said...


Sarah-Jill said...

btw, I live SUPER close to the pig farm too!!!! =S

bloggeranonymous said...

Umm... Creepy! haha!