Sunday, February 1, 2009

Down to 11?

First day of training! Kinda lame, but at least I was able to ask questions that I had about my new "workmates"! It was pretty boring, except for these three "bad" workers that decided to crash the training sessions. They basically told us to quit now because the job was so crappy and so on and so forth. VERY HIGH SCHOOL. VERY INAPPROPRIATE. Apparently (according to the Trainer) they aren't going anywhere in life!

So there was ten of us on Friday and two more joined our group today so that SHOULD equal 12, yet they were only expecting 11. And Loud Mouth, Friend of Loud Mouth and Asian Emo Boy never showed up leaving us with 9 at training.

Of course I sat beside Jaclyn and I found out more names! Goal #1 complete!
- Mousy Girl is actually Jacqueline (don't actually know her from anywhere, spoke a little more today.)
-Dedicated Hard-Worker Girl is actually Rachel (super mature for an 18 year old, tried to make more conversations with her today. Need to keep her close because I know she'll be a loyal back-up)
- RPG Boy is Alex (has been a PA on movie sets and used to work at the Superstore next door. ALSO he's 23, making him the oldest of us haha!)
- Typical High School Girl also known as Belinda (prettier today than Friday. Must be popular! Laughed at all the jokes the "bad workers" made, but she IS 17)
-Don't forget Jessica (smoker! Gross I know, but she totally needs me and Jaclyn as her friends and she's easy to talk to)
- We think Loud Mouth and Friend we're fired because they were high and obnoxious on Friday! How exciting!

Jenny (kinda boring. Used to be hard core with sports.)
T.K. (European refugee! I know right?! Didn't say much, but kept giving me looks - which I accepted since I did most of the talking...)

p.s. Used my free movies pass today and saw Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Please don't see it if you would like to avoid an hour and a half of stupidity.



Purplestamper said...

Hey Josh,
Your blog makes me smile. Just like you do in Real Life. I love your wit and humor, your zest for life. Thanks Josh, and good luck with the new job. I've always wanted to work at the theatre....

Sarah-Jill said...

Haha Emma went to see Mall Cop and said it was pretty bad..... apparently, all the funny parts were on the commercials =P

Sarah-Jill said...

oh and, congrats on finding more names out!! sounds like you've got your work cut out for you! ;)

bloggeranonymous said...

haha! Yeah it's tons of fun! I can't wait for all the bad customers. Bad things = Good stories! At least that's the way I see it!

Deanna-Michelle said...

Hey Josh!
I love reading your blog! so freaking funny! Good luck at your new job, and I'm sorry the movie wasn't that good.

Grace said...

I had no idea you had a job! Congrats! Your blogs are so darn funny, I definitely have to be checking this (your blog) out more often.

bloggeranonymous said...

Thanks you guys! ahaha!