Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Silvercity Update!

So I was planning to bring you guys SO much new information LAST WEEK.
Then I got busy with work.
Funny how that happens.

Anyway I've come realize a few things while at work:
- I LOVE working at Silvercity Coquitlam (in fact I didn't want to leave last Saturday)

- NOBODY likes Ann-Marie (I was on my break in the Cast Room and she walked
in and everyone fell silent)

- In the Cast Room there is a poster on the wall advertising a contest to carry the torch in the 2010 Olympics and my friend is right on the front (y a y extra work!)

- Belinda's parents own a restaurant by ABC Family and she introduced them to me. A certain boy looked familiar so I said so. It was Asian Emo Boy (if you look back at my blog, 10 New Employees, I have him down as perhaps related to Belinda). I had asked her about him last week and she denied she even knew who he was. TURNS out they ARE brother and sister and she only told us she didn't know him because she thought we weren't allowed to bring anyone on the tour! I assured her that it was okay.

- The managers name I can never remember is Farnaz (took me a minute to remember just now!)

- There is a Jenny and and Asian Jenny.

- Most people I don't know, know my name (creepy, I usually ignore them thinking they are talking to another Josh)

Ack! I have to go to work now! Jaclyn is picking me up! CIAO!



Jamie McCarthy said...

I enjoy reading these posts, as they remind me of Gossip Girl. I must say I went to Silvercity on Tuesday afternoon (to see Slumdog Millionaire with my bff) and it looked really clean there. If that was your doing, good job sir.

bloggeranonymous said...

I just blog it for fun, basically this is how it goes down in my mind. It's been way cleaner lately! They keep hiring more people and it's totally helping.

Deanna-Michelle said...

Hey Josh! it was great hanging out with you and your sister the other night. I"m glad your silver city job is going well and i'm looking forward to more updates :-)