Sunday, February 8, 2009

I was peppy the whole time!

First shift ever!!!
Gosh was it fun! I was a runner, which means I grabbed stuff for the people who worked the tills (of which I hope to never work at!). It was so fun, it's like I'm running to the back room and trying to avoid many moving obstacles while making jokes and forming friendships with them! Could a job get any better?
I honestly thought I didn't like people.
For the first hour I worked with Jaclyn and Jacqueline (okay more like I just talked with them) and T.K. (who by the way has a friend from school who works there and they both kinda act the same except T.K. is just a nicer person) and Rachel (whom I've learnt is close friends with Jenny, who is really annoying, but prefers listening to me instead! Word of advice - Shut your trap Jenny!)

- I met this girl Ann-Marie who I thought was super cool at first because she likes Twilight. MISLEADING!!! She's bossy (in a rude non-helpful way) and she totally thinks she's a manager or something and tells everyone what to do (even the people who have been there longer than her!) MORE TO COME!
p.s. No one really likes her. Plus we need a villain to this story.
- Stephenie looked familiar and I instantly knew I'd seen her on set before so we easily bonded over that fact. Doesn't appear to have many friends so naturally I adopted her into my circle.
- I always forget how to say her name. Farsha? Shafar? Fashi? (I PROMISE I'll remember next time!) She's one of the managers and the orientation trainer. Such a nice girl.
- The other manager Brandon (I got a bad first impression of him. Luckily I ask a hundred million question, am eager, and I ALWAYS thank people when they tell me how to do something even if I've heard it a hundred times). Which in turn softened me up to his dedicated managing skills.

- Keireen (Karen) Lee (worked her last day with me as her personal runner! Friendship continues through msn form!)
- Jevin (has a weird name and knows it, short and wide)
- Robert (tall and thin, hangs out with Jevin!!! How does that even happen!!!)
- T.K.'s Friend (actually not as bad as I'll make him out to be, since he WAS just being helpful. Had the worst customers. Apparently can speak close to the same language as T.K.)

Side note: They didn't have any new shirts or hats so I had to wear an old style shirt (that's gone out of print) and a pizza/pizza hat! And my name tag says my favourite movie is HSM3! Represent!


p.s. I hope none of these people ever read my blog...


Amanda A said...

The story unfolds.....I really hope they come across your blog and read it. hahahha

Eaglet said...

I'm glad you're loving the job! YAY for runners!

Jamie McCarthy said...

Thanks Josh!