Sunday, February 17, 2008

Maturity Level of Marriage

How mature does a person need to marry?

If you know your "meant" to be with a certain person I guess there is no point in waiting for marriage, but doesn't maturity matter? Just because you've graduated doesn't mean your ready, especially if your still acting like your in High School.
Marriage should be more than a ring, an age difference, or a story to tell your friends. Marriage should be a step in maturity and a change for the better.
Are you ready to change?

You may think I'm jealous, but I know better.

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maya said...

i think marriage should wait until you know you're ready, but if your immature how do you know you're ready or not? cause someone else tells you? the best you can do is listen to your heart and hope for the best. life is full of lessons so maybe getting married will teach the immature maturity.