Sunday, February 3, 2008

Moving out, and up?

So my family is moving. We might already have a house picked out. Is it selfish not to want to move because I'll be farther from my friends? I'll be even farther from a good transportation route, which means I won't be taking it. As little as I go out now, I'm pretty sure after the move I'll never want to go out. Is that really worth it? I think the only reason my family likes the house is because it's already made up nicely. We won't have to do any renovations or fix anything (like painting). I think that's just being lazy. I'd rather fix up a whole house than live farther away. I was 5 minutes late to church today. I guess that means I'll be MUCH later now.
My mother and sister always get really excited about new things, but as always, in a month they will be the first to complain and we'll have to move out again as soon as possible. Trust me, I know.
My life is way lame-o llama. I feel like vomiting.