Monday, February 18, 2008

Boy/Girl Party

Saturday night I went to my friends Birthday Party.
She turned 15 which meant that all her "just started high school" friend's were there. Now not all of them were bad, but the drama of a teenage girl's life is ridiculous! First a bunch of the kids were flirting (which is really funny to watch) and then a girl started crying because a boy that she liked was talking to another girl.


I felt awkward being the oldest person there, but I fit right in because everyone thought I was only 17. Which is fine by me, but I felt responsible for everything. Good thing her parents were there. Also I found out that they considered me the "normal one". Is that not weird to hear? I thought people thought I was snobby and old, but no people would come up to me and introduce themselves.

Just when I thought I had figured myself out, everything changed.

This is my party life.


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Josh! I'm waiting for your next update! I need to know what's happening in the Life of Josh! jk!