Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Addictions - eBay

I'm hooked.
So maybe to you what I buy may seem trivial and lame, but I'm 1. An obsessive shopper and 2. A collector (okay obsessive collector).

This is what I've boughten recently:
- Disney Paris Narnia Aslan pin
- Disney Paris Narnia Peter & Edmund pin
- Disney Paris Narnia Prince Caspian pin
- DisneyStore White Witch pin
- Disney Cruise Line Prince Caspian Opening Day pin (LE* 500)
- Disney Catalog White Witch pin (LE* 1000)
- Walt Disney World Narnia Susan pin (LE* 1500)
- Hidden Mickey Cast Crystal Ball Maleficent pin
- Narnia Prince Caspian Logo pin
- Hidden Mickey Cast Formal Minnie pin
- Walt Disney World Narnia Peter pin (LE* 1500)
- Walt Disney World Narnia Prince Caspian pin (LE* 3000)
- Walt Disney World Cast Narnia Prince Caspian Opening Day pin (LE* 750)
- Narnia Aslan Spinner pin
- Subway Disney Channel Games Trading Cards
- Narnia Prince Caspian Movie Promo Postcards
- Disney Channel Proud Family Trading Cards
- High School Musical: El Desafio CD (Argentina)
- High School Musical: La Seleccion - En Gira CD (Argentina)
- High School Musical: La Seleccion CD (Argentina)
- High School Musical 2 (Argentina)
- Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone "Silver" Foil Promo Trading Cards
- Pixar Treasures "Now You Know" DPT - 161 Trading Card
- Disney Treasures 3 "Winnie the Pooh" Card Set
- Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban Cedric Costume Card
- Pixar Treasures "The Incredibles" Full-Card Subset
- Pixar Treasures "Now You Know" DPT - 167 Trading Card
- Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets Box Top Card Set
- Disney Treasures 3 Card Set w/ Aladdin Trading Cards
- Disney Soda Fountain El Capitan Marquee Narnia Prince Caspian pin (LE* 300)
- Disneyshopping.com Narnia Tumnus pin (LE* 1000)
- Disney Mickey Mouse MP3 Player
- Pixar Treasures "Now You Know" DPT - 163 Trading Card
- Pixar Treasures "Now You Know" DPT - 168
- Pixar Treasures "Pixar Outtakes" DPT - 154
- Disneyland Narnia Aslan Opening Day pin (LE* 1000)
- Disney Narnia Prince Caspian Movie Promo Shirt
- Hallmark Narnia Lucy Ornament
- SD Comic Con Narnia Promo Card
- Hallmark Disney Cinderella Glass Slipper Ornament
- Disneyland Treasure "Haunted Mansion" Card DL - 120
- 3 Narnia Christmas Gift Sets - Peter, Lucy and Susan
- Set of 5 New Zealand Narnia Stamps
- Disney Treasures Lot of 8 Reel Piece of History Cards
- Peter Pan Special Edition DVD

This was all bought in ONE month. Do I have a problem?

This is my shopping life.
(excluding what I bought on Etsy.com and in real life)

***UPDATE*** I've sworn of eBay.

* LE = Limited Edition

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maya said...

wow! it seems like a lot but i wonder how much stuff i buy from everywhere else :S