Friday, August 15, 2008

Youtube: Re-visited

Finally! Amanda is back home and we get to make our best video to date! YAY!

Episode 4: We're Back!

I'm liking Youtube more and more everyday. You can basically find whatever you want on it! If I ever miss a show or something funny that happened on t.v. I can usually find it the day after on Youtube!
I'm making this sound so cheesy, but it's always there and you can totally depend on it!

On another subject - I need a job! I plan on getting hired at the one Disney Store in BC. I have no doubts (thanks Maya!) that I'm a perfect candidate for working for Disney since I'm at some point in my life/career I will be working at Disneyland (with Amanda) for however long I feel like. I have the two things Disney needs - 1. Love for Disney and 2. Pleasing people. That's really what Disney is ALL about, making people happy. I should know.

This is my working life.


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paul bowman said...

You & Amanda kept me smiling with your videos. Wishing you luck with Disney!